A Powerful 3D Model Viewer and an Asset Management Cloud Platform

With Emb3D you can visualize from the simplest to the most complex 3D models on your mobile device, and inspect them easily and intuitively with its unique gesture navigation interface.

Designed for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets with a smooth and clear visualization experience in mind, Emb3D will let you use the most appropriate visual clues and rendering styles to fully show the potential of your creations.

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Unlimit3D Technology

Bring production-level models to your mobile! Emb3D now features the brand new Unlimit3D Technology, thanks to which hi-poly 3D models with tens of millions of triangles and per-vertex color can be rendered at full resolution on mobile devices.

Millions of Polygons

Inspect and show your models at full resolution in real time using several rendering options and materials.

No Decimation

No need for decimation or normal maps, the original geometric detail is retained and progressively shown.

Per-Vertex Color

Bake your material properties on vertices and watch on your mobile how the full detail is preserved.

As a result of state-of-the-art research in Computer Graphics, Unlimit3D pushes the amount of pure detail you can visualize far beyond the limits of currently available mobile 3D viewers, without relying on decimation or normal maps. And with the new MatCap material, modelers can get the feel of professional desktop and workstation tools, enjoying a smooth interactive experience even with movie production assets.

Download and try an Unlimit3D sample model!

Bowles Rocks

3 Million Triangles, 14 MB

Old Man Head

16 Million Triangles, 41 MB

Dragon Head

15 Million Triangles, 55 MB

Creature Warrior

15 Million Triangles, 44 MB

Want to convert your model for Unlimit3D rendering? Stay Tuned!

We are working to let you upload your 3D models and get them Unlimit3D-ready.

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High-Performance Rendering

Always get the best visualization at the highest frames-per-second rate.

Intuitive Gestures

There is nothing to learn, it's as easy as you see it!

Enhanced Visualization

Choose among different rendering options to view models at their best.

Multiple 3D Formats

Emb3D supports all the main 3D file formats.

High Performance Rendering

Emb3D’s powerful rendering engine can efficiently handle meshes and point clouds with millions of polygons and points in real-time, while offering fast and smooth inspection controls.

60 FPS

View your fully-textured 3D models with ambient, diffuse, specular, and normal maps at the highest FPS rate.

Intuitive Gestures

The high-precision trackball is one of Emb3D key strengths: a simple but powerful feature that will allow you to inspect your models thoroughly and accurately, with just a few, intuitive gestures:

Drag to rotate the model

Double tap to center and zoom on a specific point

Two-finger drag to move the model

Two-finger touch to rotate model along the viewing direction

Spread to zoom in

Pinch to zoom out

Enhanced Visualization

Adjust the Emb3D settings to show off and view 3D models at their best.

Multiple rendering modes

Choose among solid, wireframe or pointcloud modes to best highlight your model features.

Different materials

Apply various materials to your models, switching between the following: default, transparent x-ray, or the new red wax MatCap.

Immersive full-screen visualization

Hide anything you don’t need and just view your 3D model exploiting the whole screen real estate, with several background colors and gradients.

Optimized layout

Explicitly designed for smartphones and tablets, the layout will adapt to the screen size of your device.

Multiple 3D Formats

Show off your digital creations for entertainment or 3D printing!

To maximize compatibility, Emb3D supports the major 3D file formats, even in ZIP archives, and can open assets directly from e-mail attachments, Dropbox, WhatsApp messages, and more.









Subscriptions Plans



per month billed

  100MB of Storage Space

  50MB maximum upload size

  1 asset per upload

  1 AR Image per AR Story



per month billed

  1GB of Storage Space

  100MB maximum upload size

  10 assets per upload

  4 AR Images per AR Story



per month billed

  10GB of Storage Space

  500MB maximum upload size

  100 assets per upload

  6 AR Images per AR Story



per month billed

  Custom storage space

  Custom maximum upload size

  Custom number of assets per upload

  Custom number of AR Images per AR Story

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